Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Going loopy for fruit

Don't you just love fresh fruit? I do. It's the time of year (early autumn, here in Oz) when fruit is ripening faster than we can eat it. Today the lovely lady who I tutor in English gave me a couple of kilos of figs from her garden, last week she gave me plums, and a month or so ago it was a massive pile of loquats. What to do? I can't bear to see anything go to waste, so have developed a quick trick for dealing with sudden influxes of fruit. I wash, halve and microwave any fruit I get (no added sugar or water), then freeze in smallish plastic containers. That way, each day I can take a container to work for lunch in lieu of a "piece of fruit".

Not all of today's figs have gone into the freezer. I kept a few aside to grill for dessert tonight with a sprinkling of brown sugar. Serve with a dab of whipped cream. Mmmmm.

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