Monday, November 01, 2010

Chocolate Mud Cake

125 grams butter
1 tablespoon ground coffee
0.75 cup boiling water
100 grams dark cooking chocolate, chopped
0.5 cup caster sugar
0.75 cups self-raising flour
0.5 cup cocoa
1 egg
2 teaspoons vanilla

Melt butter in large bowl, stir in combined coffee and boiling water, then chocolate and sugar. Stir until smooth. Gradually beat in dry ingredients. Add egg and vanilla and beat well. Pour into greased and lined cake tin (or use silicone bakeware). Bake at 130 degrees Celsius for 1 to 1.5 hours (check with a skewer after one hour). Allow to cool a little before turning out of tin. When cold, place on serving plate and top with chocolate icing ...

50 grams dark cooking chocolate, chopped
50 grams unsalted butter

Melt chocolate and butter together, cool to room temperature; beat with wooden spoon until thick and spreadable.

Update: Saturday 14 February 2015

Today I tried making this recipe into mini cakes instead of one large cake. It worked really well! Just reduce the cooking time by about one-third (they were done to perfection after about forty minutes). Makes about nine to twelve muffins/cupcakes, depending on the size of your muffin trays.


Chantil said...

Obviously, the first thing I did when you gave me your blog link was to check out the chocolate pages. I have my eye on this one. It looks yummy and I hope to make it soon. When I do I'll let you know how it goes. Though unfortunately I'm not much of a cook of any kind.

I was just wondering if you are familiar with the Julie/Julia project? I watched the film recently (Julie & Julia) and I think you'd enjoy it. It's based on a blog by Julie Powell who sets about cooking all 524 recipies in Julia Child's French cook book in 365 days.

Anyway, you may know it already, if not it's certainly worth watching the film.

Karin said...

Thanks Chantil - you'll love this cake and it is VERY easy!

Yep, Andrew and I went to see Julie & Julia when it was at the cinema a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it. It was good both to see Julie's humongous challenge - not one I'd take on, as I'm pretty squeamish about handling meat, not to mention jealous of my free time - and to learn a little more about Julia Child's life.

Anyway, good luck with the gloriously decadent cake (not that you'll need it ;-)

A and I are having another bout of tortellini-making tonight. All good fun ...

Unknown said...

hello karin!!
Finally, got the time to try this, I have been planning about this for years already..haha!
just tried and and i love it. its easy to follow!
Ill send you photos of my finish product..
thank you!!