Saturday, April 28, 2018

Our own personal pumpkin festival

So excited! I grew two pumpkins this year. That may not sound like much, but I'd never successfully grown pumpkins before so it feels like a big deal. They're quite large (from the perspective of a two-person household, at least) and as my friend Rachel points out, once you cut a pumpkin you need to use the whole thing. So the pumpkins are still drying out on our back deck while I plan how to use them. Plenty of ideas are coming to mind ...

Pumpkin scones
Pumpkin soup with drizzled coriander pesto
Pumpkin bread
Fesenjān (pumpkin, pecan and pomegranate stew)
Pumpkin and pea curry
Pumpkin, feta and pine nut salad
Hearty vegetable soup
Japanese chestnut pumpkin simmered in sake

Aren't they cute?

Oh, and if you fancy going to an ACTUAL pumpkin festival, there's one at Collector, New South Wales next Sunday (6 May) ... just a short distance from Canberra!

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