Thursday, February 09, 2017

Fifteen years in a fabulous city

In the very early 2000s Andrew and I decided it was time to move. We'd each lived in Sydney for more than a decade and the gloss had worn off. The city was crowded and polluted, the cost of living atrocious and the commute tedious. It was time to move to a country town. But where? Reluctantly, we realised that Canberra (population then around 320,000) was probably the nearest thing to a 'country town' that could accommodate two fairly specific professional careers. So Canberra it was. Fifteen years ago this month we packed up our stuff, rented out our shoebox-sized flat, farewelled our colleagues and moved to the country.

Canberra is a fascinating and quirky place. As it's the national capital there are heaps of interesting (and cheap or free) national institutions to visit ... and as we're pretty geeky we DO enjoy regular visits to all the galleries, archives, museums and parks. There are mountains to climb, bike paths to ride on, rivers ideal for swimming. You can see magnificent critters like lizards, kangaroos and colourful parrots in everyday locations. The restaurants are plentiful and the people friendly.

Soooo glad we moved here.



 Thank you Canberra! It's been a blast.

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