Sunday, October 30, 2016

To brûlée or not to brûlée?

Yeah, yeah, I know my French grammar is dodgy! Anyway ...

Yesterday I cooked a pavlova, which we'll take to our friends' place for dessert tonight. The recipe used six egg whites so I had six yolks left over. What to do with a bunch of spare egg yolks ...? Well, I used three of them in some French toast for lunch and the other three in a batch (four small ramekins) of green tea flavoured baked custard. The much vaunted and surprisingly easy dessert crème brûlée is simply baked custard with sugar sprinkled on top, which is then burnt to form a toffee-like crust. We ate two of the little custards for dessert last night, un-brûléed:

and I made the other two into crème brûlée by sprinkling a dessertspoonful of caster sugar on each:

then cooking under a hot grill for about eight minutes:

Can you see the toffee topping? It made a lovely crunching sound when hit with a spoon!

Mmmmmm. That's the stuff!

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