Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dinner @ Lanterne Rooms

Considering I've opted to celebrate my birthday at Lanterne Rooms in Campbell for, oh, at least the past five years, it's strange it has taken me so long to write about it. Perhaps it is because I'm too busy soaking up the ambience and demolishing the food each time ... or perhaps it's because I want to keep the place a secret? There's not much chance of that. It always seems popular. No wonder ... the food is magnificent. Lanterne Rooms is part of the Chairman Group, which runs several Asian-themed fine dining establishments around Canberra. (You can read my joyful review of Lilotang here.)

The Shanghai rice noodles are particularly addictive, but EVERYTHING is good. The set menus are inspired and you won't be disappointed if you just order a banquet rather than faffing around with the a la carte menu. Last week we did just that, and enjoyed:

For the entree:

Sweet and sour lamb with nam jim dressing (pictured);
Malaysian duck rolls with kaffir lime and chilli dressing;
and tom yum infused prawns with rockmelon and apple

For the main course:

Shanghai rice noodles with dark soy, calamari, prawns
and scallops; chicken breast fillet with shiitake and herbal jus;
slow-cooked Wagyu beef curry; and warm roasted vegetable salad

For dessert:

(Can't quite remember the details! Warm cassava
cake and ... some other lovely things!)

This is my FAVOURITE Canberra restaurant. I hope it is around for many birthdays to come. Their website describes the food as 'Nyonya Malay cuisine, with a modern twist'. The decor is also fabulous.

Lanterne Rooms is at Shop 3, Blamey Place, Campbell ACT 2612.

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