Thursday, January 21, 2016

Noodle-y delights in delightful Nagoya

We're in Japan. It's our first time in the country and very exciting! For the past three days we've been staying with friends in Nagoya. Nagoya is not a big tourist destination, especially in the middle of winter, but we've had a lovely time. The food, the museums, the weather, the visitor-friendly public transport ... it's all been fabulous. Here are a few pics from our visit.

Noodle soup. Oh, yes!

We woke up on Wednesday and discovered it had snowed

A secret, snow-covered Buddha hiding behind a temple

We enjoyed the historic trains at the SCMAGLEV
museum. This one was called Dr Yellow

More gorgeous food, this time at a Nagoya University cafeteria!

Oddly-attired trees at Tokugawaen

Still more scrumptious food

Even on a snowy day, Matcha green tea ice cream is a treat

Tomorrow we're jumping back on the Shinkansen and heading to Kyoto. More adventures to come I'm sure ...

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