Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chocolate echidna slice

One of my workmates has a birthday this week and he's a big fan of chocolate hedgehog slice. Most recipes for chocolate hedgehog slice include walnuts, and as I prefer to use local ingredients where possible I tend to replace the walnuts with pecans as it is easier to find Australian pecans than Australian walnuts. So that suggests a name change ... and as we don't have hedgehogs in Australia it makes sense to name the adapted slice after the echidna, which is the nearest thing we have to a hedgehog. (It's not really that similar, though both are shy, spiny mammals that curl into a ball when threatened ...)

I used this recipe but replaced the walnuts with pecans, used desiccated coconut for the 'additional ingredient', and used 200 grams of melted dark chocolate for the icing rather than the three ingredients shown. Hope my colleagues like it!

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