Sunday, February 09, 2014

Brekkie @ Bittersweet

Canberra is a city divided. There's the 'northside' (where we live), the 'southside', and the lovely Lake Burley Griffin in between. We spend most of our time on the northside, as we usually travel by bike and  especially on a hot summer day  the southside seems a bit too far to ride for breakfast. Thus, our knowledge of southside brekkie options is rather limited.

Today we had an appointment at 10 am that we'd need to drive to, so we took the opportunity to try the breakfast at Bittersweet in Kingston on our way there. It was elegant (people seem to dress up to go out to brekkie in Kingston) and delicious.

She had ... potato onion rosti and smoked salmon stack,
served with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, and a flat white ...

... while he had Boston baked beans with ham,
chipotle chilli, and sourdough toast, and a long black

We enjoyed our breakfast on the wild southside, and are keen to try more menu items on future visits. There are heaps of other interesting looking eateries and shops in Kingston too ...

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