Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Orange. Why not?

Although most Canberrans seem to head to the coast in summer, Andrew and I prefer exploring inland locales. Perhaps because they're less crowded? The town of Orange, New South Wales, was (oddly) named in honour of Prince William of Orange. It's well known for its local produce (fruit, wine, and other gourmet foods) and has a population of around forty thousand. We spent a few days there recently and were struck by the number of people who, when told we were going to Orange for a holiday, asked 'why?'! Why not, we say. It's a lovely place to visit. Here are a few pics from our trip. Perhaps we can convince others to explore western NSW too ...

Our accommodation at the swish De Russie Suites was a delight

Breakfast at Benson's Cafe was yummy. He had the big brekkie ...

... while she had the eggs royale

It was fun exploring nearby villages such as Borenore
(railway station pictured) and Millthorpe

where she had the Greek breakfast ...

... and he had French toast with bacon

Scrumptious on Summer was a riot of colour!

OK, so a lot of our adventures in Orange involved eating food and tasting wine. (What a surprise.) It is a nice part of the world and well worth a visit. We'll be back.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, K.

Karin said...

... Happy New Year to you, too ;-)

Denise said...

My brother lived in Orange for a long time ... lovely part of the world! Your gastronomic adventures look delicious, as ever :)