Friday, November 01, 2013

Fighting FoMO and getting a life

We live in a complicated world! Yep, even those of us who, by being voluntarily childless, have managed to skip stuff like kids' birthday parties, Saturday sport, and juggling work and childcare. I feel like there are more and more demands on my time, more and more communication devices squawking for attention, and far too many choices to be made each day.

I've whinged before about the way society constantly nags us to buy more stuff, and my own determination not to. I've also noted that if you don't put your foot down, it is easy to be coerced into doing things you just don't want to do. In recent months I've discovered it can be quite liberating to ... just say no! Rather than accepting every invitation that comes my way due to a fear of missing out (FoMO  apparently that's a thing now) I am trying to be more selective. Rather than booking activities from morning 'til night on weekends, I'm committing to less, but ensuring they're things I want to do. For someone who's been an over-busy over-achiever for, oh, about forty years, it is a joy to slow down and breathe a bit more.

Our time is precious. It's good to focus on things that matter. Enjoy your weekend.

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