Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think!

I recently turned forty-six. Yes, I know it is traditional to lie about one's age, or at least be coy about it, but I'm gonna break with tradition. It's not so bad to be forty-six! The birthday has prompted a bit of navel-gazing, some New Karin Year resolutions, if you like.

In future I want to eat more spicy food, watch more movies, continue to enjoy satisfying work, read lots of mystery novels, take more train trips, and go snorkelling as often as I can.

There are also some things I'd like less of. I want to eschew obfuscation. Oh, and complexification. What do I mean? I want to keep simplifying my life. Less mental and physical clutter, less (unwanted) activities. Fewer meetings! (As a wise man once said, nothing good ever comes of a meeting.) I can't do much about meetings I'm paid to attend, but really, really want to stop going to meetings  outside of working hours  that make me bored and miserable.


P.S. wondering about the headline? There's been an advertisement playing at my favourite cinema lately, suggesting we should buy the fancy car we've been dreaming about before we're too old to enjoy it. I don't want or need a new car (don't even need a fancier bicycle) but the song has a point. Life is for living.

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