Friday, April 13, 2012

Roti House – a taste of Malaysia!

Early in 2011 I wrote about attempting to eat at every Malaysian restaurant in Canberra, and said that our favourite to date was Mamak Corner at Garran. My only quibble was that it was on Canberra's south side, so a bit too far to cycle to. Happily, Mamak Corner's proprietors now have another restaurant, on the north side! The Roti House appeared late last year, and features wonderful, fresh Malaysian fare including savoury and sweet roti (made on the premises), curries, desserts and drinks. We've been there twice now, and it is great to have fresh roti canai and cendol so close to home. Here are a couple of desserts ...

Cendol: pandan-flavoured jelly and red beans with shaved ice, palm sugar and coconut milk

Roti tissue with ice cream: yes, it is a sweet, hat-shaped roti!

I think this place may become a new favourite ... you can find it at Shop 4, 121 Marcus Clarke Street, just near the ANU.
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DaveMcRae said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation. Just tried this place last night. Very good. Had a roti and then sweets :)