Friday, April 01, 2011

Searching for Agus Masdita

About five years ago a colleague and I spent a week in Adelaide for a course. One day after class we wandered into a little gallery, where I noticed several huge paintings by an artist named Agus Masdita. They were fabulous, and I was tempted to buy one then and there. I didn’t, but carefully wrote down the artist’s name, planning to track his work down somewhere else later.

Whoops. Several years down the track, I still haven’t found where to buy Mr Masdita’s work! I did once find a mention on it on a Victorian art gallery’s web site (they didn’t reply to my e-mails), and also tried unsuccessfully to find the original gallery again on a trip to Adelaide three years ago.

It is a long shot, but if Agus Masdita (or someone who knows him) ever googles the name and stumbles across this message, I hope that he (or they) will leave a comment so I know where I can buy his wonderful paintings.

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